At GarzaEMC, community and culture go hand-in-hand. Community is important – communities that we build within our company, and communities that we live and drive in every day. At GarzaEMC, we have Team events throughout the year that are centered around giving back. We believe it’s important to be a part of something bigger.


We design the platform. You build the legacy.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the very best and essential services they need to build a legacy.


Our vision is to promote diversity and innovation benefiting the development and growth of our communities.

One thing that drives us to succeed is the thought of how each project we have a hand in has the potential to enhance the lives of people that surround us and grow the communities we all live in.


From the beginning, our focus has been to establish genuine, authentic relationships with each and every client that looks to us for the highest quality professional services.

The underlying goal is to make sure that our clients understand that GarzaEMC professionals are truly their partner in their project and not just a professional convenience.