University of Texas at Austin: Welch Hall


University of Texas


Under Construction


Civil Engineering


250,000 S.F.


The University of Texas at Austin Welch Hall will be renovated in multiple phases to become a modern academic science facility. This project will provide the University with a facility that has modern, technology-enabled classrooms, undergraduate teaching laboratories and research labs that are absolutely critical to UT Austin’s ability to continue to provide excellence in science education to the students of Texas. It will provide office and laboratory research space to recruit and retain faculty in critical academic (and State of Texas economic development) initiative areas such as chemistry, computational biology, environmental sciences, biochemistry and molecular biology.

The existing building occupies a prominent place on campus, at the southwest corner of 24th Street and Speedway Avenue. The development of the project is being carefully handled to assure compliance with the architectural principles established in the 2013 College of Natural Sciences Master Plan. Renovation include demolition of existing laboratory interiors and replacement with a combination of chemistry research laboratories and undergraduate science teaching laboratories, classrooms and administrative offices. The construction cost is $52,250,000. Garza EMC is currently providing site civil engineering services.